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The goal of this program is to provide a flexible model of the financial, behavioral, economic and political variables. The program also examines The effect of covid-19 and any hazards on investment activities. The Target clients include investment firm executives, market analysts and even the general public. On the other hand, in addition to the capital market, it is also used in forecasting and analyzing real estate markets. Therefore, our forecasts show that our market share is equivalent to at least 10 percent.

In recent years, the emergence of phenomena such as price bubbles in the stock market, excessive stock price fluctuations and many other issues that have contradicted the theory of efficient capital markets, has made the story of rational pricing still incomplete. This defect may persist until we properly identify the underlying risks, their sources, and their behavior. Also, the lack of an accurate forecast for price fluctuations in the real estate market has confused investors and buyers of real estate. Finally, it is important to investigate the impact of the Corona virus on these markets. As mentioned, our software considers the effect of the corona virus in calculating the valuation. Therefore, our focus in this software is to enter the key variables that have been ignored to date for valuing assets.

Correction of incorrect pricing of capital assets and Measuring the true value of assets.
Rational evaluation of the real estate market by the impact of the corona virus.
Predict the real stock returns of companies listed on the stock exchange
Financial analysis of investments for customers, investors and banks.
Reasonable correction of return on investment due to the financial crisis
Find the best investment option in market fluctuations

Our analyzer software is used for the following people :
  • Financial managers
  • Financial analysts
  • Investors
  • Banks and creditors
  • Stock Exchange
  • Holding companies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Students and academics in the financial profession public

  • Our application software is able to measure the daily, weekly, monthly and annual returns of shares of companies' investment portfolios on an instantaneous basis
  • The application is a capital asset analyst

This software has the ability to quickly identify high value winning stocks for customers. This software will also replace financial advisor or financial analyst for clients. Finally, customers are better able to identify investment opportunities in less time and at less cost.

  • Simultaneous integration of technical and fundamental analysis in one software
  • Considering economic, political, psychological variables in the capital market
  • Reasonable investment opportunity to identify winning stocks in minimum time.
  • Use simple language for customers who do not have financial knowledge.
  • Use of extensible business reporting language(XBRL) for international financial statements.
  • Consider the Corona virus crisis and any hazards and conditions in your analysis
About Investors

What are investors concerned about ?

Return on stocks is a concern of investors and is one of the important criteria according to which they buy and sell stocks, so explaining the factors affecting the return on stocks is very important. Also, with the growth and development of financial market complexity and specialization of investment, investors and financial market employees need tools, methods and models to help them choose the best investment and the most appropriate portfolio. Changes in financial markets, investment, and the Corona virus crisis around the world have misled investors and mispriced capital assets. Therefore, the application of evaluation models in countries with different tax, cultural, economic and political systems may have different results. But there is no complete understanding of the simultaneous relationship between this phenomenon and stock returns and the value of capital assets in pricing models.


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