Fundamental analysis of the shares of 7 detergent groups


Fundamental analysis of the shares of 7 detergent groups

The analysts of Lidoma Analyzer software company analyzed the monthly sales report of the detergent group, which includes 7 symbols. How did the symbols of this group work?


The highest and lowest amount of sales in December?

Paksho symbol with sales of 1050 billion tomans had the highest amount and Saina with sales of 108.9 billion tomans had the lowest amount of sales in December.


The highest and lowest sales growth compared to the same period last year

In December, Saina experienced a 66% sales growth compared to December last year, and therefore, the highest sales growth was attributed to this brand. All icons in this group have experienced sales growth in December. The lowest sales growth in December belonged to Shagol with 11% growth.


The biggest growth and decline compared to the 12-month average

Saina was named the best icon in this regard with an 86% increase in sales compared to the 12-month average. Also, Shepars symbol had the lowest growth among these symbols with 16% growth compared to the average sales of 12 months.


Growth and decline of autumn sales compared to autumn

In this autumn, Kimiatek's sales have been 56% higher than the whole autumn of last year. Also, the lowest growth in this sense belonged to the symbol of Shagal with 1% growth.


A few more points:

Sales of all symbols have grown in all comparative time periods.

Saina, Pakshu and Shepaksa broke the sales record since the beginning of last year.

After a sharp drop in sales in October, Shagol normalized its sales trend again.

Qarn continued the mild upward trend of sales that started a few months ago.

Except for Shepars, the sales of the rest of the icons increased compared to November.