Technical analysis of Tehran Stock Exchange last week


Technical analysis of Tehran Stock Exchange last week

The results of the analysis of Lidoma team experts show that In the last week, the trend of the total index of the Tehran Stock Exchange was generally upward, and the outflow of real money was also stopped.


On Saturday, the index fell by 23,324 units and 732 billion tomans of real money was withdrawn from the market. This trend changed on Sunday. The index increased by 4,784 units and on Monday, the index increased by more than 15,000 units. On Tuesday, the index rose by 12,000 units. Real money entered the market on Monday and Tuesday.


On Wednesday, the index grew by 15,164 units. Thus, at the end of trading on Wednesday, the total index was 24,628 units higher than the previous week, so that the weekly return of the stock market index was one percent. The equal weight index, which like the total index had an upward trend for 4 consecutive days, at the end of the week was 27,818 points higher than the previous week and recorded a positive return of 3.6%.


Although we saw money entering the stock market in only two days, the overall change of legal ownership to real market was positive.


However, the trend of changes in the value of small transactions in the last two days of the week was downward. The average value of small transactions of the stock exchange in the last week was 12 thousand 607 billion tomans, which has decreased by 12 percent compared to the figure of 14 thousand 364 billion of the previous week.


One of the growth factors of the market this week was the annual reports of the companies. For example, on Monday, the symbol of Webmelet, whose performance report showed a jump in revenues and profitability, alone raised 3 thousand index units, had the largest inflow of money and the largest value of market transactions. But Kedal's reports are not the only factor affecting the market trend, the increase in the price of dairy products increased the price changes of the relevant companies and on Wednesday, the letter of the Speaker of the Parliament to Ebrahim Raeesi, chemical and refining symbols turned green.


However, observers believe that the market will be in relative suspense until the due date of all annual reports.