Analysis of Tehran Stock Exchange in the last week of February


Analysis of Tehran Stock Exchange in the last week of February

At the end of trading today, Tuesday, the total index with a drop of 0.08%, equivalent to one thousand and 598 units from the height of this index, reached the level of two million and 90 thousand units, and the weighted index with a sharper drop of 0.3% (equal to two thousand and 206 units), down to 732,592 units.


Wednesday stock forecast

The total index is within the range of the ceiling of 99. Although this range is an important support for the market, buyers are still cautious in their decisions.


This shows that the two market risks raised by the Central Bank still make the residents of the glass hall hesitant to buy stocks. Experts believe that if the policies and decisions of the central bank are adopted in the direction of the growth of the dollar, then it is possible to see the expectation of the market's luck for buying shares.


On the other hand, the central bank's reissuance of special deposit certificates with 30% interest is another factor that threatens the liquidity of the stock market. In case of building confidence and diminishing the shadow of the two mentioned risks, the residents of the glass hall will gradually spend more courage in buying shares.


In line with the forecast of the stock exchange on the last day of the week, considering that the leveraged funds of the market stood on the negative side of the fluctuation range, the stock market is expected to turn red again.