Dollar value of Tehran Stock Exchange


Dollar value of Tehran Stock Exchange

Dollar value of Tehran Stock Exchange


Market dollar value: $158 billion


Influential symbols

7 symbols influencing the total index of the stock market: Foulad, Webmelet, Shapna, Wamid, Boali, Sedasht, Shatran


Purchase and sale pages

Number of symbols on the shopping page: 55 symbols | Value of shopping queues: 4514 billion tomans

The heaviest shopping ranks: Ardine, Biotik, Ghopazer


Number of symbols in sales queue: 48 symbols | Value of sales queues: 1909 billion tomans

The heaviest ranks of sales: Fenergy, Fener, ASP


Market buying and selling per capita

Purchase per capita: 20.6 million tomans


Sales per capita: 22 million tomans


Top requests and requests

3 most used symbols in the stock market: Ardine, Biotic, Chromite


3 symbols with the highest supply in the stock market: Kamina, Fenergy, Fener


The highest and lowest price

3 symbols with price increase in the stock market: Seshmal, Kapshir, Shesina


3 symbols with the biggest price reduction in the stock market: Khalent, Sedasht, Kassapa


Entry and exit of real money:

Amount of real money withdrawal: 202 billion tomans


3 real money batik symbols: Bio, Ardine, Foolad


3 symbols with the most real money: Car, Spring, Khasapa