Benefits of futures contracts


Benefits of futures contracts

Benefits of futures contracts

What are the benefits of a futures contract? The remarkable reception of this market is due to many features and benefits that can bring huge profits to the market participants. These benefits include the following:

• Tax exemption

• Allocation of bank interest to the amount that is available in the customer's account

• The possibility of withdrawing one-day balance from the account

• Very low fees

• Possibility of unlimited buying and selling in every trading day

• Daily deposit of profits and losses to the customer's account

  And …

In the following, we will discuss all the benefits and risks of this market. First, we mention the introduction of two important advantages of futures contracts that shape the nature of this market:


1. Existence of leverage in transactions: it means that we can trade with several times our money in the commodity futures market.

2. The two-sidedness of the market: it means that you can profit from both rising prices and falling prices.