improving global prices; Promoting commodity futures


improving global prices; Promoting commodity futures

During the last few months, the commodity futures market has seen a good growth in terms of the volume and boom of transactions, and it seems that the conditions governing the commodity futures market and the boom in it will continue in January.

The experts of Lidoma analyst software team said about the symbol of gold and silver in the future market: Gold funds that were launched this year, due to the gradual increase in the price of the global currency and human beings, in this short period of time, met with good luck from the shareholders.

  Because the portfolio of gold funds is coin certificates, the price of coins affects the NAV price of gold funds, and as a result, the price of coins is also affected by the price of currency, so during this period, there was a gradual growth in the units of these funds.

It is likely that we will see an improvement in the global gold price in January, but the contractionary policies of the Federal Reserve in the future are also a shadow over the global gold price and can hinder its growth.

  Currently, due to a new strain of the corona virus and the demand for gold in January, there is a possibility of global gold growth, and a gradual increase in currency prices is also not far from the mind, as a result, the possibility of the growth of the silver settlement mechanism in the future market Global in grams multiplied by the average buying and selling rate of "SANA" dollar on the last trading day has an effect on the settlement price of silver futures, and global silver, like global gold, may face price growth in January under the influence of federal policies.