Iran's buttermilk comes to the exchange.


Iran's buttermilk comes to the exchange.

The first press conference for the initial public offering of "Bahar Rose Alis Chenaran" company was held in the presence of the managers and major shareholders of this group today in the Iranian stock market.

According to Lidoma team and Unique Fintech Inc, at the beginning of this meeting, Ali Asghar Fayaz, the chairman of the board of directors of "Bahar Rose Alis Chenaran" company, pointing out that from the beginning the slogan of Alis Group was "health, service and development" said: the result of the implementation of this The motto of Alis's 14-year performance is that today this complex has created employment for more than 2 thousand people directly and more than 10 thousand people indirectly.

He considered quality, health and respect for the people to be the top of Alis' work and said: quality comes from good raw materials, up-to-date technology and the production of the best products, and this procedure is implemented in Alis as well.

Ali Asghar Fayyaz pointed out that it took more than a year to choose the name "Aalis" and said: "This group has made fundamental and key decisions in every case and we have not stopped the development plans even for a day."

According to him, this complex took over 9 hectares of land in Chenaran industrial town in 2011 and launched the first production line with the latest technology of the same period.

Also, in 2018, glass lines were launched in this complex and efforts were made to start this production line with the best technology.

The chairman of the board of Alis continued: We hope that other companies will start production in the near future, and currently a dairy complex is being set up in Kermanshah, which is expected to be operational within the next two to three years.

Excellent export markets

Regarding the export sales of Alis, Fayaz said: Today, we have a very good command of the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan markets, which is the most important reason for the production line and up-to-date technology of this collection.

Details of subcategories

In the continuation of the meeting, Alias economic consultant Javad Sadeghipanah mentioned the establishment of two Alias subsidiary companies and said: Due to the similarities in the production of Bahar Rose products with other group companies, this group made two companies its subsidiary.

In this way, two companies Cheshme Noshan Khorasan and Nim Rose Chenaran with a production capacity of 105 million liters and 146 million liters respectively are at the disposal of Bahar Rose Alis Chenaran, which are producing with 90% capacity.

Tosun Broadcasting Company of Setare Kish is also one of the subcategories of this collection.

He pointed to the major shareholders of Alis and stated: The major shareholders are the Fayyad brothers with 33% of each person's shares.

Profit and loss records

Sadeghi Panah, economic consultant of Alis, went on to discuss the profit and loss records of this group and said: Sales of about 1400 billion tomans were realized last year and the profit grew accordingly.

He pointed out that we promise the new shareholders that the profitability of the company is increasing, and added: Last year, 100% of sales were realized and we recognized 580 billion tomans of profit in 9 months, which is expected to grow by more than 150% in 12 months. .

Alis economic consultant emphasized: We expect to have sales of more than 3,800 billion tomans in this collection assuming the stability of the sales volume in 1405.

Sadeghi Panah, pointing out that the investment of subsidiary companies is also recorded at book value, said: Based on what was included in the valuation report in the second half of 2011, we achieved 1360 billion tomans in actual sales and the forecast was the same.

He added: Another point is that the nominal capacity is 185,300,000 liters and it is expected that the empty capacity of this company will be completed soon.