The subscription to the new Karisma fund will start on October 8!


The subscription to the new Karisma fund will start on October 8!

What kind of fund is the Daya partial investment fund?

The nature of sector funds is such that this type of fund invests in a specific industry based on the license issued to the fund. The Daya Karisma sector fund, which will be subscribed under the symbol METAL, invests the collected funds of investors in the base metals industry. One of the advantages of "Metal" sectoral fund is that it provides the possibility of investment for people who intend to invest in a certain industry but do not have enough knowledge and experience in this field.


Now, this question may arise for some people, why is the basic metal industry an important industry and considered suitable for investment? In response to this question, it can be said that 16% of Iran's capital market value is made up of basic metals, which is highly attractive for investment due to the export and dollar-oriented nature of the basic metals industry.


What is the investment strategy of "Metal" Bakhshi fund?

The strategy of the metal fund will be that 70% of the fund's asset value will be allocated to basic metals and 30% of the other fund's asset value will be allocated to gold and shares of other listed companies with high profit potential. Of course, some of this 30% may be invested in other industries and depending on market conditions, in bonds and fixed income funds.


Karisma's asset management team consists of professionals with high knowledge and expertise. These people will monitor and review the events and news of companies in various industries, especially the basic metals industry and its global market, on a daily basis. The purpose of this review and monitoring is to select the most suitable shares with the aim of obtaining the best and highest return for investors.


How can investors participate in the subscription of "Metal" fund?

Metal fund subscription will start on Saturday, October 8 and this subscription will continue for 3 days. The transaction fee of the company in this subscription will be zero for the participants. After completing the subscription, those interested in investing in this fund can start their investment by searching for the "Metal" symbol through the online trading systems of all brokerages. Also, one of the other ways to invest in the metal symbol after the end of the subscription and the start of the fund is to use the Charisma portal at


Those interested in registering for the subscription of Daya Basic Metals Fund with the symbol "Metal" can register in this subscription from October 8, 1402 for three days through the subscription registration link.