Stock forecast for Tuesday


Stock forecast for Tuesday

Based on the financial analysis of Lidoma analyst software company,

  At the end of trading today, Monday, February 2, the total index dropped by 0.31%, equivalent to 6,649 units from the height of this index, and reached the level of 2,146,563 units, and the weighted index decreased by 4,000 units. 527 units (equivalent to 0.61 percent), placed in the step of 739 thousand units.


Stock forecast for Tuesday

In the last days of December, the downward trend gradually weakened and whispers of the market's return were heard. At the beginning of February, the sellers of the market, influenced by the events surrounding the stock market, stood in front of the sell orders with full hands. The strengthening of systematic risks in the days of stock market recession has led the market people to sell stocks. While the investors had high hopes for the support of the level of 2.150 thousand units of the total index, this important bastion has collapsed so far. If the daily candle on Tuesday also closes below the level of two million and 150 thousand units, the total index is expected to decrease until the next support which is at the level of two million and 60 thousand units.


In line with Tuesday's stock market forecast, according to the analysis of the flow of money in and out of fixed income funds, which took a steep slope in the last minutes of the market, it seems that the Tehran Stock Exchange is not faced with significant purchasing power. On the other hand, the dominant placement of symbols (525 symbols) below the closing price gives a good approximation of the market balance during Tuesday's trading.


Stock market forecast for tomorrow, February 3

At the moment, in the country's investment environment, the desire to buy capital goods that can create a hedge against inflation has increased, and ironically, because the country's security environment is also tense, stocks are somehow not attractive to buy. This is the reason why we are witnessing the heavy sale of shares by real persons to buy currency, gold and other goods (even property). This process will stop when the tension gathers and the investment mentality returns to the inflationary mentality.


It is expected that tomorrow the stock market will have better deals than the last few days and the selling and exiting atmosphere will be a little better. If there is no heavy negative news, it is expected that the number of positive symbols will also increase. But in order to return to the conditions of prosperity, the value of transactions should increase and the market should be able to remove the cloak of fear from the tension.#invest #financemanagement #finance #stockmarket